Deluxe Tapestry DIY Kit + Fibre Pack

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These beautiful Triangle Looms are specifically made for Little House of Macrame by a small woodwork family in BC, the fibre pack has been hand-selected and some have been hand dyed by myself in small batches with 100% natural plant-based dyes, resulting in very unique colours.

DELUXE TAPESTRY KITS are available in various Hues of Green, Blue and warm tones.

  • Each kit contains:
  • 1 Warped triangle loom
  • Approximately 400 grams including the following fibres
  • 9 mm and 3mm Natural single ply cotton
  • Hand-dyed Sari silk ribbon and Sari silk yarn.
  • Hand dyed Banana silk yarn
  • 100% Merino art yarn
  • Hand-dyed 100% Cotton Frizz Ribbon
  • 100% Chiffon Ribbon
  • 100% Cotton 
  • 100% Andean Highland Wool
  • 100% Toros Chunky Wool
  • Colour Core Cotton
  • Merino Wool Roving


These deluxe kits are rich in textured fibres and are perfect for weaving tapestries, macrameweaves and other forms offibre art.